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[Album] Clazziquai vol.4 – Mucho Punk


클래지콰이(Clazziquai) – Mucho Punk
Release date: 2009.07.14
Genre: Electronic Pop
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (Mel0n): 4.7/5 (613 votes)

Please comment if you download ^^

01 초콜릿 트러플 (Chocolate Truffle)
02 Kiss Kiss Kiss
03 Love Again
04 사랑끝에 (End of Love)
05 Tell Yourself
06 Back In Time
07 Lazy Sunday Morning
08 Take A Walk
09 The Road
10 Spinning The World
11 라푼젤 (Rapunzel)
12 Wizard Of OZ


  • mc

    clazziquai is the coolest.
    these songs are the best

  • mc

    clazziquai is the coolest.
    these songs are the best

  • Thank you very much for uploading ^^
    Just one question though… What's the difference between "Mucho Punk" and "Mucho Musica"?

  • mc

    mucho punk is released in korea and its in korean
    mucho musica is released in japan and its in english.

  • Mucho Musica is a Japanese Edition
    Mucho Punk is a Korean Edition

    Mucho Musica includes Affection, Back to Mind and Flea (the last title familiar from last year's Metrotronics release), Mucho Punk instead includes 사랑끝에, Lazy Sunday Morning and 라푼젤.

  • Hey hey, sorry may i know why can't i download the part 2? Anyway thanks for sharing clazziquai's songs here! 🙂

  • can you show me exactly your downloading problem ?
    This is my way to download the 'Hot file' link :
    Click on the link -> click 'Regular download' -> Wait 60 seconds -> Download link appears

  • Hey thanks for the efficient reply! Anyway, ii managed to download it already! thanks, think afternoon time my connection have some problem. 🙂


  • hyoha

    the hotfile link doesnt work for me..
    mind if u re-up the 2nd part to MF instead?
    thanks so much..

  • Ayu

    can you re-upload this album? i like clazziquai so much. thank youu 😉

    • bingyang

      re-uploaded ^^

  • Good day! May you please re-upload this album? Thank you 🙂

    • bingyang

      it’s been re-uploaded ^^” sorry for this late.

  • dopamint

    can you re-upload this album? Thank you!

    • bingyang

      re-uploaded 🙂