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130308 KBS Music Bank


Performers:2AM, Kim Tae Woo, NU’EST, Dasoni, The Nuts, D-UNIT, Rania, LADIES’ CODE, Rainbow, Iconize, Jang Hee Young, Clazziquai, TEENTOP, Purplay, Huh Gak, B.A.P, DMTN, SHINee, SPEED, Two X, U-KISS, VIXX

Today’s host/MCs:UEE and Lee Jang Woo

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  • Shin Heera

    I'm just wondering. do you have individual videos for each group/artist? I only want to download some of the performances but not really the whole show.

  • bingyang

    Go to the box.com link 🙂 You will find there are 2 links:
    [KP]_여가수모음_1080i_130308_뮤직뱅크.ts.torrent which includes individual female artist/group performances and
    [KP]_남가수모음_1080i_130308_뮤직뱅크.ts.torrent which includes individual male artist/group performances.

  • Nutype

    the 720 torrent contains a file named NoH.exe which was picked up as a virus by Microsoft security essentials. Just letting everyone know. might wanna opt out of that file or delete it immediately