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델리 스파이스 (Deli Spice) – Deli Spice
Release Date: 1997.08
Genre/Style: Rock
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.8/5 (330 votes)

Deli spice is one of the best and all-time favorite Korean modern rock bands! And one of their most popular songs is ‘Chau Chau’.

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01. 노 캐리어
02. 가면 *
03. 챠우챠우 (Chau Chau) – 아무리 애를 쓰고 막아 보려 해도 너의 목소리가 들려
04. 콘 후레이크
05. 기쁨이 들리지 않는 거리
06. 저승 탐방기
07. 귀향
08. 누가
09. 투명인간
10. 오랜만의 외출
11. 사수자리

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  • Lily

    OMG I was just going to ask you for this ^^
    i really liked this whole album~

  • Limit

    챠우챠우 has a ridiculously addicting beat.

  • syaf

    is this running man bg song on episode 111?

  • Alex Yap

    I love deli spice chau chau song…
    Please give me download…

  • nina

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  • Meseda

    I love deli spice!

  • Pepsiman

    Chau chau is on RM ep. 106 .

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  • Thanks. I was wondering what song it was I heard on Running Man.

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