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[Album] J.ae Vol.6 – Inlove Again


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제이 – Inlove Again
Release Date: 2007.11.08
Genre/Style: Ballad
Bit Rate: 320kbps VBR
Rating (Mel0n): 4.8/5 (403 votes)

“J one of the most unique singer in the Korean music industry has again produced her trademark soulful sweet voice into another enjoyable session music of paradise within her 6th album, with variety of tempo of music throughout the album.” Jacky Huang from Yesasia.com

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01. Inlove Again
02. 사랑, 눈물감기
03. Kiss me
04. 열흘만 (Title)
05. 거짓말이잖아
06. 술과 순정 (Feat. 은지원)
07. Ghost
08. 수천번 잠들고 깨어나도
09. 시간은…다 닳게 하니까
10. 눈부신 날에 (Duet. 알렉스)
11. 가는비
12. 눈물로 (Duet. 이정)
13. 8318 (Duet. 정훈희)


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