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[Album] Lee Eun Mee – Lee Eun Mee The Best Collection : 2000~2011


이은미 (Lee Eun Mee) – Lee Eun Mee The Best Collection : 2000~2011
Release Date: 2012.01.26
Genre/Style: Ballad
Bit rate: MP3-320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.9/5 (69 votes)

I couldn’t get a hold of the actual album, so I compiled the songs together from her older albums that I have (: –namyoun

Updated with 320kbps –bingyang

Please comment if you download ^^

01. 아카시아(Acacia) (숨겨진 사랑)(Hidden Love)
02. 죄인 (Sinner) *
03. 서른 즈음에 (Around 30 Years Old)
04. 오래된 기억 (Old Memories)
05. 무정 블루스 (Relentless Blues)
06. 사랑한다는 말 (Saying I Love You)
07. 헤어지는 중입니다 (We’re Breaking Up)
08. 웨딩 드레스 (Wedding Dress)
09. 결혼 안 하길 잘했지 (Good Thing I Didn’t Get Married)
10. 녹턴 (Nocturn)
11. 애인…있어요 (I Have A Lover)
12. 찔레꽃 (Wild Rose)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this namyoun. A pity such a recent release can't be found anywhere else at a higher bitrate, so your work is appreciated twice as much. I usually stay away from hand-made compilations, but I trust your quality standards 🙂


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