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임재범 (Lim Jae Bum) – TO…
Release Date: 2012.07.11
Genre/Style: Ballad
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.3/5 (1,329 votes)

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01. 어떤날, 너에게 (One Day, To You)
02. 길 (Road)
03. 끝,시작 (End,Start)
04. Dream Of Vision
05. 재회 (Reunion) (나는 작사가다 당선작)
06. 행복을 찾아서 (Pursuing The Happiness) (Feat. 백아연(Baek Ah Yeon))
07. Sweet Love
08. 이 또한 지나 가리라 (This, Too, Shall Pass) *
09. 지금,여기 (Now,Here)
10. 가슴소리 (The Sound Of My Heart) (WeMade 천룡기 O.S.T Love Theme)
11. Angel (WeMade 천룡기 O.S.T Main Theme Song)
12. 사랑한다면 (If You Love) (Bonus Track)

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