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[Album] Lim Jung Hee Vol.3 – Before I Go J-Lim


임정희 3집 – Before I Go J-Lim
Release date: 2007.10.04
Bit rate: 192kbps,320kbps
‘ miues ‘ requested.UPDATED 320kbps

01 Before I Go J-Lim
02 When You’re Crazy in Love (Feat. OutKast Big Boi &J.Y.Park)
03 Appearance
04 Opposite of Love
05 Do It (Feat. Miryo From Brown Eyed Girls)
06 Love (Feat. Pdogg)
07 Go to Her
08 Can’t
09 This Kind of Love That Kind of Love (Feat.J.Y.Park)
10 Farewell Declaration
11 Listen (Feat. K.Will)
12 When Love Ends
192kbps | 320kbps


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