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MC 스나이퍼 (MC Sniper) – Full Time
Release Date: 2012.04.13
Genre/Style: Rap/Hip-Hop
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.7/5 (1,410 votes)

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01. 일어서며 (As I Get Up)
02. 데이빗 (David)
03. Job Korea
04. 할 수 있어 (I Can Do It) (With 이루마/Yiruma)
05. Push It (Feat. Illinit)
06. Letter To Heaven
07. 인생 (Life) (Feat. 웅산/Woong San)
08. 나는 다시 일어서 (I Stand Up Again)
09. 난 늘 여자와의 이별보다 남자와의 이별이 더 아팠다 (I Always Hurt More When Parting With Men Than Women) ( (Feat. 박완규/Park Wan Kyu)
10. Drive (Feat. Ugly Picture, 혜미/Hye Mi)
11. 논현 랩소디 (Nonhyeon Rhapsody)
12. Piano (Feat. 리아/Riaa)
13. Absinthe
14. 거울자아 (Looking-glass Self) (Feat. 화나/Fana, 혜미/Hye Mi)
15. Call Me (Feat. Skull, 지조/Zizo, Deegie, Minos, 비도승우/Bido Seung Woo, Joosuc)
16. 불량품 (Defective Products) (Feat. Dead’P)
17. Better Days (Feat. Snipersound)
18. 죽음의 예술 (The Art of Death) (Feat. MC Meta)
19. 돌아서며 (As I Turn Around)
20. 할 수 있어 (I Can Do It) (Song Ver.) (With 김지수/Kim Ji Soo)

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