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[Album] 에스(S) Vol.1 – Fr.in.Cl.


에스(S) 1집 – Fr.in.Cl.
Release date: 2003.09.25
Genre: Ballad, Dance Pop
Bit rate: 320/192kbps
‘…’ requested track 12, so only share that one. Uploaded the whole album

1 I Swear
2 사랑니(Love Is…)
3 미쳤었죠(Just One Moment)
4 I Believe
5 달이 꾸는 꿈(Tears Of The Moon)
6 몰랐죠 (Stay)
7 왜…(I Wass…)
8 Never Knew
9 사랑밖에 모르죠(Love Is What I Need)
10 Sentimental
11 Prayer
12 Streaming TRAX 에메랄드(Emerald)


  1. lol… thanking you again.. i didnt have this in 320 so am taking it…. 😀 you are *JJang* [i think that's how you say it…. if not.. mianhaeyo.. but ur the best :D]

  2. Can you upload this album again? Because i can't download it from using MU, the file is missing. Thank you so much for giving me a way to downloading these nice songs.


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