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소란 (Soran) – natural
Release Date: 2012.04.04
Genre/Style: Indie, Folk Pop
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.8/5 (595 votes)

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01. 돌아오는 날 (The Day I Come Back)
02. 미쳤나봐 (I Must Be Crazy) (With 권정열 Of 10cm)
03. 살빼지 마요 (Don’t Lose Weight) *
04. 가장 따뜻한 위로 (The Warmest Consolation)
05. 연애의 재구성 (Reconstruction of Love)
06. 내꺼라면 (If You Were Mine)
07. 시간의 노래 (Song of Time)
08. 벚꽃이 내린다 (Cherry Blossoms Are Falling)
09. 차라리 (Rather)
10. 가을목이 (Acoustic Ver.)

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  1. I borrowed my friend's ipod and fall in love with Soran's Cherry Blossoms Are Falling. That makes me browsing for Soran's songs in google :p Thanks a lot!

    with love from Bali,


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