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[Album] Standing Egg – Like


스탠딩 에그 (Standing Egg) – Like
Release Date: 2012.04.10
Genre/Style: Rock, Folk Pop
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.6/5 (145 votes)

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01. 들어줄래 (Will You Hear Me?)
02. Run Away
03. Aloha
04. 햇살이 아파 (The Sun Hurts) (With 한소현 Of 3rd Coast)
05. Stay Away (With 예슬)
06. My First Fan
07. 둘이 아닌가 봐 (We Are Not A Couple) (With Christina Love Lee)
08. 그래도 좋아 (I Still Like You)
09. Mother
10. 모래시계 (Sand Glass)

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  1. Thanks!! I’ve searching for standing egg albums like full album. And all of it was not available, and i found this website. Thank u very much???

  2. Please, i haven’t download all of it, especially the old album, please be available for more:(((( and please for other music too, like urban zakapa for old album or anything else…


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