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[Album] t Yoon Mi Rae – Gemini


t윤미래 (t Yoon Mi Rae) – Gemini
Release Date: 2002.05.01
Genre/Style: R&B, Hip-Hop/Rap
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.8/5 (1,176 votes)

Credits to catreroth ^^

Please comment if you download ^^

01. G火자
02. Meditation (Feat. 개코 (GAEKO)) *
03. Me We (Feat. 최자 (CHOIZA))
04. Memories… (Smiling Tears) (Feat. SAKURA) *
05. Wonder Woman
06. 끝없는 바다 저편에… (Feat. Bobby Kim)
07. Concrete Jungle
08. Combination Platter
09. Double Trouble (Feat. DOUBLE)
10. 남자 남자 남자 (Feat. Annie)
11. Memories… (Smiling Tears):E. Vers (Feat. SPHERE of INFLUENCE & SAKURA)
12. MT (혁명) (Feat. Tiger JK, Thanos, Yankee)

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  1. I had searched T's album on google, and all albums have 128kbps. I love u so much, when u upload her 320kbps album. Thanks a lot !!!

  2. Hi! Thanks for all the T uploads 🙂 Unfortunately, I couldn't get this one due to permission being denied… I'm wondering if there's any other way I can get it?


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