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[Album] Various Artists – I Am A Singer 9-1


Various Artists – [나는 가수다] 경연9-1. ‘가수들이 부르고 싶은 노래’
Release Date: 2011.09.18
Genre/Style: Ballad, R&B, Rock
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.9/5 (311 votes)

I watched Jaurim’s performance of 가시나무 (Thorn Tree) and I was breath-taken. They did an awesome job remaking the song <3

Please comment if you download ^^

01. 그대와 영원히 (Forever With You) (이문세) — 장혜진 (Jang Hye Jin)
02. 이름 모를 소녀 (The Girl I Don’t Know The Name Of) (김정호) — 조관우 (Jo Kwan Woo)
03. 오늘 같은 밤이면 (If It’s Like Tonight) (박정운) — 인순이 (Insooni)
04. 님은 먼 곳에 (You So Far Away) (김추자) — 윤민수 (Yoon Min Soo)
05. 골목길 (An Alley) (신촌블루스) — 바비 킴 (Bobby Kim)
06. 가시나무 (Thorn Tree) (시인과 촌장) — 자우림 (Jaurim)
07. 모두 다 사랑하리 (I’ll Love Everything) (송골매) — 김경호 (Kim Kyung Ho)

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  1. It really was out of this world. Hard to really make a famous song your "own" in your own way, but they really pulled it off.


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