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There is the requesting page to help you find what you want but I don’t wanna waste my time to upload which one you can search for the link easily on internet. Cause there are many blogs sharing music free now, so you can download music easier. Why don’t you search for what you want on Google before you make a request in this blog? You will get the file sooner than making a request here and waiting be fulfilled. Just making a request when you can’t find out where to download that album/single/song, then I’ll help you. Search for it before request anything, please. It makes you know more music sources, more interesting blogs.
Thanks for your attention. Hope you can understand what I said. Poor english lol


  1. so suprise bout ur E, mah friend!
    what kind of "poor E" are u? :)) ( laugh aloud) :))

    waiting to BE fulfilled 😀

    thank u alot with this blog

    thank to this, I have known many things bout K pop
    and then I felt in love w it 😀 muahhhhhhhhhhhhh! love u!

  2. Long time no see you, pooh. How are you?
    Haha. Glad that you felt in love with Kpop.
    If having a chance, show me know how much you know about Kpop.

  3. uhmmmmmmmmmmmm in fact it is just sth I have collected from some IDIOT teen-site like channel14…
    it makes me realli confuse what happening in Kpop

    then I try to understand the way u use to share ur blog
    so i can know which the latest song are 😀

    opps…. can I leave some stuff comments like it? does it make ur blog heavier?

  4. Do not mind about leaving comment, I always like seeing new comment. Because this blog is free so don't worry about the storage.

  5. I've been searching for it everywhere but I just can't seem to find a decent quality file for it, so you're my last resource, bingyang!

    Could you post an HQ of T-Ara's and Supernova's second version of TTL?

    I believe it's called TTL 2. Listen or something like that.

    I'm this close to give up!

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Sorry I couldn't find a way to post this request in the requesting section.


  6. Hey, bb, the commenting thing doesn't show up on Requesting page so I'm doing it here, k?

    Lee Soo Young – vol.9 Dazzle
    Double-u (W) – Unique Us Woman

    Please? everyone's uploading fake mp3 of these, dammit. I don't mind the server, it can be Rayfile.

  7. I'm very busy these days. Many requests have not been fulfilled yet so I closed the requesting page until I've done all of them 😛

    @Cloud_Honey : There is real 320k for Lee Soo Young's vol.9 somewhere. Maybe kmc 😀 I see your replies in that forum.

    @Daniel : Until now, I don't have a a decent quality for TTL Listen 2. Someone has asked me about that, too ToT it doesn’t actually exist


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