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[Single] SNSD – Chocolate


SNSD – 디지털싱글
Release date: 2009.10.08
Genre: Retro Pop
Bit rate: 320kbps
I’m glad that I do not have class in this morning, so I can upload ‘Chocolate’ singles at this time.
Don’t forget to leave your comment here when you’ve listened to the song. I wanna know how you feel. New style with them!?

01. Chocolate Love (Retro Pop ver.)
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  1. Thank you!! You're really fast!!
    I'm also glad you don't have class this morning, XDDD
    I like the song, it gives a different feeling.. ^ ^

  2. WOAAAAA I love SNSD so much!!! Is it project "Chocolate" of SM Town ??? f(x) has a single "Chocolate",too…But first, let me check this single, i ca'nt wait :D/ Love you and thanks so much :X

  3. I know that I'll always find the best quality thing around here.

    The song doesn't kill me, but it's SNSD we're talking about.

    I'mma be humming it in no time.

    The same goes for f(x).

    Thanks a lot for uploading!


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