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[Digital Single] 4minute, Brown Eyed Girls,.. – Once Again, Daehanminguk


Various Aritst – 다시 한 번 대한민국(Digital Single)
Release date: 2010.05.14
Genre:Dance Pop
Bit rate: 320kbps
Sorry for the last one (That’s not real 320kbps).
Please delete it & download the new file.

01. 다시 한 번 대한민국 – 싸이 & 김장훈 (Psy & Kim Jang Hoon)
02. 다시 한 번 대한민국 – Brown Eyed Girls & 4minute[/b][/font]


  1. hi, actualli i would like to know the last 1 by BEG and 4 min

    is this the real 320kbps CD vers? cuz it has only like 1:49

    but the previous 1 non 320kbps has like 3:20

    how come the official release is shorter? o_O juz wondering

    • Not the official release is shorter, the previous one is longer 🙂
      I think it's only 128k or lower. Someone edited the song to make it longer (it's just what I thought) & converted into 320kbps to make the size larger.
      But I'm pretty sure this version is the real 320kbps, you can check that thing by using foobar player.

      • arh i see

        its not real 320kbps for sure

        but the editing skill of the perosn is like so good LOL that i cant tell its been edited at all, i mean there are 2 complete verses of pre-chorus, sounds like a complete full vers of the song xD

  2. The previous one was a transcode, but still, that 3:20 version includes 4minute's main part which was cut from the "final" 1:49 release. I hope i can still find the full version, a legit rip that is.


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