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We are collecting your feedback to build the better website. Here is where you can give your thought on how can improve Kpop Explorer. We appreciate your feedback. Thanks for your contribution~

  • Sam Downs

    I think that this site is amazing. I love how much time and effort you put in to provide for other fans and you deserve so much respect.

  • Vincent Vong

    You should encourage users with adblock to not run on the website.
    Great work btw.

  • lostgypsygurl

    Hi, I just discovered your site yesterday when I was looking up for Urban Zakapa’s old stuff. k2nblog used to be my go to site but their links for their old stuff aren’t working and they don’t fix it or if they do it takes too long. But you guys are awesome, I even found the two eps from 10CM that I have been looking for since forever LOL. I think imma switch to your site from now on. 😀

  • yebizo

    Hi the links for 9 and the Numbers – Solitude and Solidarity suddenly disappeared! :/

    • what do you mean by “disappeared”?

  • raina

    I think the script asking to like/wait for the dl links is broken because even without adblock, and whether I wait or click the facebook like, the links to B1A4’s new album won’t appear. .-.

    Maybe you can go back to the old system? I promise to still support the site.

    • Even you have to wait for 60s it still doesn’t appear download links?

      • raina

        Yeah, and then when I refresh the page nothing shows up. It’s a bit strange. .-.

        • Is it working for you now? Try don’t click on any button and wait for 60s..

          • raina

            omg!! it’s working again! thanks again ;;;;;;;;; you really are the best kpop site mod

          • you’re welcome haha

  • asparagus

    I agree that the script asking to like/wait for the dl links is broken because the links don’t appear for me whether or not I choose to follow kpopexplorer on twitter or to wait for 60s. This is the same for all albums.

    • Fixed. Please get back to me if the problem still persists.

  • brilliantradience

    Your links for Wonder Girls So Hot and 2 Different Tears are still working on Mega, Yay!
    I’ve expressed my gratitude in a tangible way, by pressing on the ad links 10x, I know server space isn’t that cheap.

    • OMG, you’re so funny haha thanks for the support

  • Thanks again because you and K2N don’t put your downloads behind a paywall unlike HULKPOP which has with some of today’s releases.

  • sy

    <3 the site. Use it all the time. Prefer this site over k2nblog.

    Can you please restore the archive function?

    Thanks much!

    • thanks for your nice feedback 🙂 We are not sure if people find the archive helpful. Can you give the reason why you like to have it back? 🙂

      • sy

        It’s the best way to search for older music. Otherwise, you end up scrolling thru endless pages. Please bring it back. Thanks very much!!

        • brought it back 🙂 what do you think about using the search bar?

  • Christina Luu

    for some artists when you type in thier name it won’t pop up unless you type it in hangul. For example ‘loona’ didn’t show up unless i typed in ‘하슬’

    • I need to agree that built-in search in wordpress is not that smart. I would suggest you try to search using google. Type in “loona site:kpopexplorer.net” in the search engine bar when you want to search for ‘loona’ on the site.

  • Scuse me, I’m sorry if i seem rude.. but there’s an album i requested and there’s just no one else i can really really rely on to upload it. DJ Friz (from DJ duo Planet Shiver) – The Record Vol.R. The artist just made his solo debut, and the previews of the tracks sounded really good. Seeing that there’s no other links besides a site that charges just makes me realize he’s super underrated. I just hope you can upload it soon. I’m sorry if i seem unfair to you.. I’m just a lonely fan of the underrated i guess haha..

  • 潘皓霆

    This is the best site I have used thanks you!!
    But can you tell me how can I download old files like 2011~2013 I need it music porgrams. Please help me if it needs I can buy it rather than download it for free because I know it is too old to download please help me thanks a lot.

    • If you refer to performances, I don’t think there is any official sites selling. In terms of audio, you can easily purchase it from itunes, or purchase a CD to support the artist. I know that baidu is selling k-pop also.

  • Silent Silent

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Nina

    Hi what happened with Zuki (moderator) ?

    • Zuki has been busy with her school final project. She will back on 07/13, FYI.

  • jen

    I just want to thank u guys for being my favorite site! You guys are the most interactive(?) with users and are very helpful with the requests and all that stuff even though its probably really tiring. Thank you!

    • thanks a lot for your nice feedback. Please refer the site to your friends if you like it 😀

  • Zoly

    Why you are giving register to your website it is useless ?

    • Why do you think it is…?

      • Huyle

        bcuz even I login as a pro user, I can’t see the download link for pro, just “This content is restricted for your membership level.”
        we paid for what ? r u sure it working ?

        • I did a quick check with your account. Solved the problem. You can try to see the post again if the issue persists.

  • Hi! I’ve signed up for a premium account but I still can’t access the premium links. I get the error “This content is restricted for your membership level.” Please help! Thanks!

    • Hi, I have just verified your account. You should be able to see premium links now. Please check!

      P/S: I like your username 🙂

      • Thanks so much!! 😀 I’m actually a Korean tutor for the website teachmekorean.co.uk so that’s where the name comes from! I’ve recommended your site to all of my students!

        • Thank you for introducing our site to your students. Your website looks really nice!

  • mintoreo

    Hi, I am trying to become a pro member but it keeps saying there is a problem with my payment.

    • Please give us your username when you registered so we can look into the problem.