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We are collecting your feedback to build the better website. Here is where you can give your thought on how can improve Kpop Explorer. We appreciate your feedback. Thanks for your contribution~

  • Brianna

    This site is a life saver! Thank you guys so so much for all of your hard work. I prefer the grid layout better than the current theme. In my opinion it’s prettier and seems more fitting for a site like this. I will recommend this site to friends. Thanks again! *Sends hugs!*

  • Jay N Simona

    thank you so much for Lexy’s discography!!! thank you always for your great effort! lot of artist that i’ve requested are so hard to find but you’ve made it possible! thank you so much! i’ve already recommended this site to my friends in Romania who are dying Kpop fans! thank you once again!

  • TL T

    Hi, I noticed that the filenames had been showing up like the attached image for the recent albums. Please take note.

    • la buck

      i have same problem, too… as a follower for years, i’m curious why that happens. i hope there’s some info for enlighten me.

      • axander

        Hello! I think thats a problem with my Mac, I used to use Windows computer, but now it cant read Hangul thats why thats its the problem. In the future I will upload with English title, so if thats still problem in the future just tell us and we will try to fix it.

    • aaron

      I have this problem now as well

    • Throw Away

      I think that’s a problem with your operating system, not the mp3s.

  • Than Arounrainbow

    I wanna request to re-upload :
    [Mini Album] Aurora – Tattabeul
    follow the link:


    Download Link: MEGA/MF etc.

    • axander

      It’s uploaded and next time do you request in the request page 🙂

  • susan

    I just wanted to say I love your site!! You have some hard to find albums and other stuff!


    just wanna ask. i download the pink luv album in MEGA from this site and when i try to run it, it wont run and shows that it cannot support the file type. im using chrome though.


    im new here though..can anyone help me how to download?? i just clicked download in MEGA and it finished downloadng already. but when i run the file, it asks me that what program should i use to open this file..

    • bingyang

      The file was compressed in .rar You must have Winrar to decompress it to play the songs.


    Please add the albums of f(x) plsssss

    • bingyang

      we uploaded quite a lot of f(x)’s stuffs on the site http://kpopexplorer.net/?s=f%28x%29&submit=Go

      • UBisSULLI

        yeah i already saw them =) srry i just didnt know how to search that time.. but now i’ve already download a lot of albums in your site ;D this is so cool! Kamsahamnida! 😉

  • nennehpok

    Hi, i cant seem to edit the ID3 taggings for recent albums. 🙁

  • Than Arounrainbow
  • Great website, I appreciate everything you put up, old music to the very recent! But unfortunately I am struggling to download because there are no mp3 files uploaded, I don’t know I’m the only one that feels this way. For the music I want to download I don’t want to have to always say “mp3 files please”, I know uploading the music is hard enough. Hopefully in the future there will be a mp3 file in zip form option! (: Thank you!

  • Lydia

    I really do love this site and think it’s the best, but it’s been a pretty big annoyance for me that no matter what I download from you for the past few months no longer has any tags attached to the files?

  • kwan96

    can I request the album
    Jewelry S – Sweet Songs
    I really want to hear the songs in 320kb. Thanks a lot!

  • Hello, I love your site! Thank you fr your hard work but everything, that is if I don’t ask, isn’t in mp3 files. May you please give zip file w/ mp3 please. I have nothing to open a rar file, thank youuu

    • axander

      Hello! I have been uploaded the songs in individual file in 4shared so people can download as single mp3 files,its been for about 2months now. So if you are talking about the older songs then Im pretty they are only in rar file och dead links. Thank you for your support.

  • yaaaaaa

    I don’t have a FB to request, but can I please request 멋쟁이 – Bumpkins?

  • yaaaaaa

    Can I please request 멋쟁이 by Bumpkins. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/meosjaeng-i-single/id663250617

    • bingyang

      Hi, sorry for the inconvenience as the event is hold for FB users only.

  • cloverB

    Could you please upload July’s music? Thank you >_<

  • Random

    Just wondering.
    According to Wikipedia, it says it came out September 2015 in Japan.
    Is that true?
    Cause it isn’t here or the info about it saying that isn’t here in “Upcoming Releases” section.

    • bingyang

      Not really sure about this. Can not find this release on any online CD shops, iTunes neither.

      • Random

        Oh, ok.

        I wander what happened then.

        Cause, Girl’s Day just did promotion in Japan about that album.

        And I searched it and it says they released it like September 30. 2015.

        I wonder it was for Music Video release date for “Girl’s Day 2015 Autumn Party”.

  • Wong Su Wen

    How do i download songs

    • bingyang

      Click on the link MF or Mega, wait for 5s then click ‘Skip Ads”. Hope this helps

  • akife

    Great website to download small indie albums that are usually hard to find! Thanks for the hard work.