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I would like to share performance HD/HQ in my blog ^^”
so I need your ideas about this thing 🙂

Should I share .tp.ts (1920*1080) /  .avi (1280*720) ?
I just worry about that because many blogs sharing these quality performance now T^T

Which is the best resolution you like to download ?
1920×1080 or 1280×720 ?
Some country with low speed connection, they can’t download HD. It’s out of ability. Otherwise, in some country (Korea, China,..), they would like to download HD performance.

Which is the best file format you like ?
tp, ts, mpg, mkv, avi

Please leave comment here to let me know your ideas. I need your recommendation.


  1. i prefer .avi 1280*720.. it's good n clear enough..

    Some country with low speed connection, they can’t download HD. It’s out of ability.
    ^ it's definitely me.. LOL besides.. HD is too big.. my LCD is just 17" and my lappie is just 13"
    oh and the HD size is way too big.. my harddisk is dying.. D:

  2. to chanelight or anyone who has an answer: what codec do you use to play the tp / ts files? I've used both CCCP and K-lite. 99% of the tp / ts files i have downloaded cant use the seek bar.

  3. I personally like 1280×720 .avi the best, but will download up to six (or more) versions for MVs that I like. For performances, I usually shoot for no more than a maximum of three versions, preferring 1280×720 .avi, but also will add duplicates in 1024×576 .avi (or most anything else that might be available) for artists I really like. The resolution I often have problems with on my computer is 1920×1080 HD. I don't believe I've got the codec required for true 1920×1080 High-Definition (even though my new computer monitor is a HP 23-inch Flat Screen 1920×1080 HD)

    I don't usually have a problem with the various formats (.avi thru .wmv), but prefer .avi, .mkv, .tp & .ts (though .mpg/.mpeg is fine with me too).

    But anyway…if you put it up, I'll eventually download it! ^_^

  4. Hi ! i am newbie here…
    i really need your help to update the video in avi format >_<
    1280×720 is enough for cuts !
    i wish u can update the CO.ED, BEAST, SNSD for this time..
    i love this 3 !!


  5. I prefer the videos in MKV, AVI because tp or ts are so high! 🙁 will be great if u can upload videos in this format 😀

    i prefer too the videos 1280 x 720

    thank u so much x your work



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