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I would like to share performance HD/HQ in my blog ^^”
so I need your ideas about this thing πŸ™‚

β€’ Should I share .tp.ts (1920*1080) /Β  .avi (1280*720) ?
I just worry about that because many blogs sharing these quality performance now T^T

β€’ Which is the best resolution you like to download ?
1920×1080 or 1280×720 ?
Some country with low speed connection, they can’t download HD. It’s out of ability. Otherwise, in some country (Korea, China,..), they would like to download HD performance.

β€’ Which is the best file format you like ?
tp, ts, mpg, mkv, avi

Please leave comment here to let me know your ideas. I need your recommendation.


  1. Waw, it will be awesome if you will also share performance…

    I prefer .avi 1280 * 720.
    1920*1080 is bigger than my laptop resolution, so there's no use for me to download the performance video that big.

    Either .avi or .mkv is fine for me.
    .tp file size is usually really big, and my country didn't have that super fast download speed. So I prefer the HQ ones…

    Looking forward to your performances… πŸ˜‰

  2. hello~ i just find your site and i enjoy watching HD vid all the time! i think you should upload tp or avi because those are the best and easiest to view. 1280×720 is also more easy to view for a lot of people too πŸ˜› i look forward to see you upload alot and please upload a lot of different artists. there is a lot of snsd and 2ne1 in every site so upload other artists will make you the best! im glad i found your site now and look forward to become the best

  3. thanks for all your comments πŸ˜€
    1280×720 is easier for me to upload because it's smaller πŸ˜› Glad that almost you like 1280*720 resolution ^^

    Hey, Sue. Can you tell me who is the artist you looking forward to ? I'm interested in that :mrgreen:

  4. please upload the HD 1920×1080 performance!!! i love and need this resolution!
    especially all performance of SNSD<3<3<3
    thanks so much!^^

  5. Hello admin^_^
    i love KWill, but he just had his goodbye stage πŸ™ Other than him i am more interested in Untouchable, Ilac, Kim Jong Wook and Brand New Day…It is usually hard to find some of them though even on youtube! if you do not have them i understand and i will stick to the lower quality yt vix ;/ your site is still very awesome and i love how you update with ftisland. they're great!!!

  6. I usually download 1280×720 avi HD files so I hope you can upload those.

    they play the best on my comp without any lag. =D

    Untouchable <333

  7. I always download 1280×720 avi too because my PC can't play 1920×1080 so I really hope you can upload them
    I look forward to downloading and enjoying them. Thanks so much

  8. I prefer .tp.ts (1920*1080)
    I've a 24" inch iMac and I really love watching Kpop performances full screened! ^^

    So can you please upload the performances in the highest resolution you have? ^^
    If not can you please point me to a site which provides that? πŸ˜€

    Thanks and love your site ^^

  9. I perfer avi files, mainly because you can skip around to your favorite parts using the seek bar and the quality is still very good.

    Where as tp files cannot use the seek bar and the quality in most cases is just overkill

  10. Both are good, but I prefer TP and TS files because of the quality. πŸ˜€ And I collect TP/TS files too…

    random person: tp files also can use the seek bar, I watch TP and TS files every day and can seek weherever I want to. Overkill? Nope… if you concerned about your small harddisk size, then you can say it's overkill, but for the quality, it's really worth it… I don't mind wasting my space for the quality…


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