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How to know THE REAL QUALITY OF mp3


Wasting PC’s space with fake stuff !? I recommend you should use foobar player. You can listen to music and also see the quality of mp3 while playing it. I know this tip from ‘Ryoutarou’, so please say thanks to ‘Ryoutarou’ if you think this post is helpful ^^

‘Ryoutarou’ said:
The music player I use (foobar) has a function that lets you see the audio spectrum. If the sound range is bigger and wider it means there’s a lot more quality but if the sound range is small and compressed that means there’s less range in the song’s highs and lows which means low quality.

Basically you could have a 128k file and convert it to a 320k mp3 which would be bigger in filesize but in reality it would only be 320k of a 128k file. You lose quality from the conversion for a file that wasn’t good quality to begin with.

This is what real 320k should look like:

Fake 320k files have audio spectrums that are half the height or worse like this:

After read this. Why don’t you choose foobar be your music player? Setup it first and then see your mp3’s real quality by clicking View -> Visualisation -> Spectrum & Spectrogram

You can also see my player here. The 320k mp3 has spectrum higher than 20khz.

Any question about this tip please reply here. Thanks for your attention.

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