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KBS Music Bank in TOKYO 110722


KBS Music Bank (2011.07.22)

Performer’s list: TVXQ, KARA, SNSD, 2PM, B2ST, 4minute, U-KISS, IU, Baek Ji Young, SECRET, Rainbow, INFINITE, Park Hyun Bin, Rania, X-5

UPDATED Girl’s cuts + Boy’s cuts


110722.KBS Music Bank.Rainbow.A.tp

110722.KBS Music Bank.Rainbow.To Me.tp

110722.KBS Music Bank.Baek Ji Young.tp

110722.KBS Music Bank.IU.ts

110722.KBS Music Bank.2PM.Hands Up.tp

110722.KBS Music Bank.2PM.10 out of 10.tp

110722.KBS Music Bank.Kara.Jumping.tp

110722.KBS Music Bank.Kara.Mister.tp

110722.KBS Music Bank.4minute.Mirror.tp

110722.KBS Music Bank.4minute.Heart to heart.tp

110722.KBS Music Bank.Rania.Dr Feel Good.tp

110722.KBS Music Bank.B2ST.Beautiful.tp

110722.KBS Music Bank.B2ST.Fiction.tp

110722.KBS Music Bank.Secret.Madonna.tp

110722.KBS Music Bank.Secret.Starlight Moonlight.tp

110722.KBS Music Bank.SNSD.Hoot.tp

110722.KBS Music Bank.SNSD.Run Devil Run.tp

110722.KBS Music Bank.TVXQ.Why.tp

110722.KBS Music Bank.TVXQ.Maximum.tp

110722.KBS Music Bank.TVXQ.Rising Sun.tp


Girl’s cuts: http://www.mediafire.com/?p0lm40g7xn66s6g

Boy’s cuts: http://www.mediafire.com/?0o08n4pv1z94nap

360p avi part.1 (615MB) part.2 (838MB) | Baros
720p avi part.1 (1.2GB) part.2 (1.64GB) | HANrel
1080i ts part.1 (6.2GB) | part.2 (8.4GB)
1080i tp part.1 (6.69GB) | part.2 (9.12GB)

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