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Mnet M!Countdown 110721


Mnet M!Countdown (2011.07.21)

Performer’s list: Miss A, Homme(Changmin & Lee Hyun), Chi Chi, Piggy Dolls, GP Basic, MBLAQ, T-ara, CSJH, HyunA, Kim Hyun Joong, 8eight, Mighty Mouth, Girls’ Day, Boyfriend

Edited: Added Chi Chi, Mighty Mouth, CSJH, 2PM, GP Basic’s cut

110721.Mnet M!Countdown.Miss A.Good.bye.Baby.ts

110721.Mnet M!Countdown.Girl’s Day.Hug Me Once.ts

110721.Mnet M!Countdown.T-ARA – Roly Poly.ts

110721.Mnet M!Countdown.T-ARA – No.1.ts

110721.Mnet M!Countdown.Hyun Ah – Bubble Pop!.ts

110721.Mnet M!Countdown.2PM.Hands Up.tp

110721.Mnet M!Countdown.GP Basic.Jelly Pop.tp

110721.Mnet M!Countdown.MBLAQ.Mona Lisa.tp


Girl’s Cut: http://www.mediafire.com/?js9d5a7827l1wsr

450p (1.15GB) http://www.mediafire.com/?we65qpax7omuaxz | avi | CHAN
720p (2.19GB) http://www.mediafire.com/?c5d8hx4c99lufd3 | mp4 | Karot
1080i (10.8GB) http://www.mediafire.com/?3o8oy2zk3l1lyd3 | tp | GyulianSS

  • Milena

    MBLAQ cut, please. As I do not recognize Korean writing, can someone tell me if Piggy Dolls cut is it in girl's cut above? If not, please!!! Thank you.

    • kpopexplorer

      added MBLAQ's cut 😛 Piggy Dolls cut is not in girl's cut. I hope I have time to upload it

      • Milena

        Thank you!!! I hope you will! 🙂

  • i didn't get your previous reply but i guess this will do =/ there is like .5-1 sec delay with the sound and the performance but i'm just grateful for ur hard work in uploading and sharing~~

    • kpopexplorer

      oh, sorry. too fast reading and didn't get your comment 😛 It is out of sync with me, too.

  • kpopexplorer

    I uploaded Piggy Dolls's cut into MF folder. You can check it. Sorry for this late reply. I need to upload to MF, not torrent, so it must take time.

  • Milena

    That's ok. Thank you..I'll download now.