1. When i see the tracks of this mini album, i guess is that the song made by YIRUMA(Korean Nice Ballad Famous Pianist) if you know who is him. Then i try to listen to a short version of the track in this album. Yay, i got an answer. It's really from my beloved Korean Nice Ballad Pianist Yiruma. Finally, there has korean singer who sing the song created by YIRUMA. So i must share & introduce this nice mini album with everyone. It's really nice ballad album sing by 배다해(Bae Da Hae) & one thing is i really like YIRUMA's piano created instrumental songs.

    • Oh shizz, I <3 Yiruma!!! And they're the exact same titles are Yiruma's songs!!!

      I've always thought it's such a waste that Yiruma only composes piano instrumentals and no one has lyrics to sing to them, because they are sooo beautiful. Now it's official, someone is singing his songs. I hope they write up more lyrics to his other songs as well!!! He has sooo many good songs.

      Thank you for this. I'm sure it's going to be amazing!!!

    • lol..It's not the first time.
      Last year Yiruma gave a song to Tim Hwang already. It's actually May be vocal ver. Even he played the piano in the music video of Tim.

      There is also River flows in you vocal version in the album of Tim's 5th album. and he has some lyrics song. anyway, I like this album!

  2. I love Bae Dahae, especially since her debut with VL, but I have to say this album cover looks so cheap. Who designed it? Looks like something made from Microsoft Word 1998 or something. There's no complaints about the songs, Dahae is always excellent, but I can't get over that pooor cover xP


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