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[Mini Album] 4Men – Sorry


Release date: 2010.10.28
Genre: Ballad, R&B, Soul Pop
Bit rate: 320kbps

01 그녀가 내려와 (Intro Of Hello!)
02 Hello!
03 미안해 (Feat. 美)
04 후회한다
05 지하철을 타봤어.. (Feat. BeBe Mignon)
06 미친듯해
07 그녀가 내려와 (Inst)
08 Hello! (Inst)
09 미안해 (Inst)
10 후회한다 (Inst)
11 지하철을 타봤어.. (Inst)
12 미친듯해 (Inst)

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  • Qrizta

    Oh my gosh!!!

    Thanks so much.
    I like their music. ^^

  • Ahern.CK

    Finally an album…

    Thanks for sharing

  • shumai

    thank you!
    LOVVEEE all of 4Men's songs

  • pid

    thank you very much

  • mymirazd


  • Sylvia

    I love their songs! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • kyoung

    thanks alot

  • fangorn

    wow…i have yet to warm up to their collaboration song with Zia and they have already released another single ><

    anyway, thanks a lot …

  • xinhui

    Thank u so much!

  • shiite !
    an ep with 12 tracks ?
    though 6 out of them are instrumental.

  • nad_donad

    4MEN!!! Love them so much.
    Thank you for sharing!!

  • PopoHappy

    Many thanks!

  • mardi09

    oh man, i haven't even had time to review their latest single and here pops out an album! XDDD
    4Men is <333

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  • matsu

    thank you so much..4men is the best~

  • mushu

    I LOVE 4MEN!!!!!!!
    thanks for uploading!

  • swordtails

    thanks a lot dear!

  • Good day! I would like to request for a reupload of this mini-album. I think the link is dead already. Thank you.

  • namyoun

    hi! it's re-uploaded (: