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[Mini Album] Bubble Sisters – Reminiscence


Bubble Sisters – Reminiscence
Release Date: 2011.05.30
Genre: Ballad
Bit rate: 320kbps

01. 피아노의 숲
02. 그렇게 사랑하고 그렇게 웃었습니다 (Remake ver.)
03. 긴 머리 (Remake ver.)
04. 바보처럼 (Remake ver.)
05. 가시리
06. 피아노의 숲 (inst.)


  • Korea really have many nice ballad acoustic song than japanese song. Japanese songs usually are pop rock ones. Yesterday night, i listen to this album. It's really nice ballad album from Bubble Sisters. Introduce this mini album to everyone who like korean ballad songs.

  • sweetymoon

    this album is so wonderful!!! The music is so sweet, but so sad!
    Thanks for your introduce!!!!

  • nice song!!!
    thanks for sharing ^^

  • PopoHappy

    Love them. Thanks!

  • acinam17

    i just recently discovered how good Bubble Sisters are 😀 Thanks for sharing