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[Single+MV] Hwayobi – Ripley OST Part.1


화요비(Hwayobi) – 미스 리플리 (MBC 월화드라마) Part.1
Release Date: 2011.05.30
Genre: OST, Ballad
Bit rate: Real 320kbps

01. 유리
02. 유리 (MR)



유리 (Glass) MV.wmv (MQ MSN)

  • Yoonbin

    Omo, Hwayobi. This song is a MUST! Thanks for sharing!

  • phoenix2702

    This song is so sad but i really love it !!! Thanks so much !!!
    PS: By the way, do you have "Time goes by" single of Loveplay ??? This is good single but I can't find any links to download !!! Plz sharing me if you have !!! Thanks a lot !!!

    • Let me check first on internet if someone had real 320kbps. If no, i will buy & collect it myself. ^^

      • phoenix2702

        You are so kind !!! Thank you so much !!!