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[Mini Album] One More Chance – One More Chance


원 모어 찬스 (One More Chance) – One More Chance (Mini Album)
Genre: Indie
Bit rate: 320 kbps

*One of the best mini albums I have heard~

01. 자유인
02. 시간을 거슬러
03. 널 생각해
04. 노래 불러
05. 럭셔리 버스 (Luxury Bus)
06. 그럴때도 있어요


  • ddd

    thank you~

  • Johana

    Thankyou so much
    i have been cearching this for 2 weeks and i got it now
    thanks so much

  • Qrizta

    Nah, i'm taking ur recommendation. ^^

  • matsu

    seems so good, thank you so much~

  • elmiraaa

    thanks! 🙂
    gonna try this one.. your recommendations are highly appreciated 🙂

  • ZWFX

    thank you for sharing good music. 🙂

  • nana

    thank you for sharing!!! i like your blog so much.. GBU 🙂

  • Knit

    thank you for giving me one more chance^^

  • Kid

    Hi, I just wanna ask, is it possible for you to reupload this mini album?
    Thank you! 🙂

    • clo

      yes, please do if you can!
      thanks very very very very x100000 much! <3

  • broken, please re-upload :/

  • an

    hiiiii, the link is invalid. please fix it. please please pleaseeeeeee TT______TT thankyouuuu

    • bingyang

      It’s been re-uploaded

      • an

        thankyouuu so much 😀 !!!