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Mnet M!Countdown 100909


credit: soompi for the image
Mnet M!Countdown (2010.09.09)

Performers: FT Island, Wheesung, Narsha, Secret, Eru, Choshinsung, Rainbow, G.NA, Sistar, SunnySide, miss S, An Jin Kyoung (Feat.H-Eugene), Moon Ji Eun, Rumble Fish, Dalmatian


Please comment if you download one of these ^^

100909.Mnet M!Countdown.Sistar – Shady Girl.HDTV.1080i.ts | MU

100909.Mnet M!Countdown.Narsha – Mam mamia.HDTV.1080i.ts

100909.Mnet M!Countdown.An Jin Kyoung – Love Is Pathetic.HDTV.1080i.ts

100909.Mnet M!Countdown.Secret – Madonna.HDTV.1080i.ts | MU

100909.Mnet M!Countdown.Moon Ji Eun – Hibyie Hibiyo.HDTV.1080i.ts

100909.Mnet M!Countdown.Rainbow – A.HDTV.1080i.ts

100909.Mnet M!Countdown.G.NA – Supa Solo.HDTV.1080i.ts | MU

100909.Mnet M!Countdown.Miss S – 이 나이 먹고 뭐했길래 feat정슬기.ts

100909.Mnet M!Coutndown.Rumble Fish – 기분 좋은 말.ts


360p Soly Torrent file


    • I do know you really want it.

      If I share to you, it's not fair cause 'emm' has traded for this.
      Try to do something to get what you want.

    • what do you mean its done in like 5 seconds? You mean upload just in 5 second?

      I'm downloading supernova's cut to PC, will send torrent file to you ASAP it finish.

      • yeah as in 5 seconds..im suprised too..i was like HUH?..is it something wrong with megaupload today..im downloading the file rite now to check whether its oke or not..i'll inform u again later on..but so far..i think its emm fine..lol

        here is sistar link for shady girl..this took less than a minute..

        oh do tell me if you need me to upload more files..^^

  1. let me tell you the weird thing about megaupload 🙂 it take time to check your video is uploaded to MU by someone else before or not. If there is a similar file with your video, it will finish uploading immediately ^^ haha, you're so lucky.

    I just need MU link for future use. when ppl arrive to this blog late, there is no seeder for the file. I can't help them. In that case, your link will be very useful. On the other hand, I don't like taking link from other places.

    edit: just upload if you like. you can help ppl through uploading ^^

    • yeah i just know,asked my bro bout it just now..lucky me i guess keke..let me see if i can upload the other file too..you are rite bout torrent..it wont be of any use when people dont seed it..


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