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Mnet Super Concert 100912


Mnet Super Concert (2010.09.12)

Please comment if you download one of these ^^

CUTs : 1080i

100912.Mnet Super Concert.MBLAQ – Y.HDTV.1080i.ts

100912.Mnet Super Concert.MBLAQ – One Better Day.HDTV.1080i.ts

100912.Mnet Super Concert.Navi – Listen To The End.HDTV.1080i.ts

100912.Mnet Super Concert.Nine Muses – No Playboy.HDTV.1080i.ts

100912.Mnet Super Concert.LPG-사랑의 초인종.HDTV.1080i.ts

100912.Mnet Super Concert.Teen Top – Clap.HDTV.1080i.ts


  • emm

    took navi cut..thank you for sharing..
    do you somehow know the full list of artist performing for this concert..

    • kpopexplorer

      I went to mnet.com but they don't update the performances list for this show regularly -.-

      • emm

        auhh…thank you for the info..lol me just wondering if supernova in it or not..sorry to bother ^^

        • kpopexplorer

          not bother at all.
          I want to know about it, too 🙂

  • sam

    thanks…you sure get what i dont find somewhere else…

  • andy

    Nine Muses – great!


    Thank you for the Perf MBLAQ, when it will be available from SHINee?

  • soshi elf

    thx u very much for those high quality performance ^^

  • starlightcssph

    choshinsung performed here.. please upload the HD

  • Yami

    Thank you for sharing..
    MBLAQ FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • taely

    Thankyou for Perf Mblaq ^^