• emm

    bow wow wow..not gonna take this but im sure they will make it..they got the talent..

  • I'm taking this^^
    They made a good debut! ~

  • sam

    i love you for posting this mv..the best one i found..not too many took the time to upload this…and in a good quality

  • bp

    i guess this is the reencode from Melon HD version?
    anyway, thank you so much :X

    • kpopexplorer

      maybe Melon. I don't know exactly where it from because I took it from a Dalmatian's fansite. downloaded it and found the quality is awesome. Actually, the best thing I like is no logo ^^

      • Jae

        xDD ahaks! same goes here~
        Btw, thx a lot for sharing ^^

  • Loner

    Just wondering about it too, 'cause Melon only sells it in HQ.
    Btw, thanks for sharing, the quality is very good 😀

  • supika

    Dalmatian's song (and MV) is a little unexpected after watching their teaser but I'm excited to see what they come out with next.

    Thanks for the super high quality!

  • sam

    i have to dwn again cause the video has some prob but ill happily do it since the quality is awesome

  • tvxqbuzz7921

    thanks so much for sharing~!

  • Lekz09

    thanks for sharing good MV

  • RE-UP PLEASE T————–T