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SBS Inkigayo 110605


SBS Inkigayo (2011.06.05)

List Of Performers: Secret, 5dolls, After School, BEAST, Baek Ji Young, FT Island, Lim Jeong Hee, Turtles, Boy Friend, B1A4, A Pink, Clover, December, Jewelry, Jang Woo Hyuk, Heo Young Saeng, Sunny Hill, BGH to, N-Train



110605 SBS Inkigayo After School – Shampoo.tp

110605 SBS Inkigayo Secret – Oh Honey + Starlight Moonlight.tp

110605.SBS Inkigayo.A Pink.I don’t know.tp

110605.SBS Inkigayo.5dolls.Like this like that.tp

110605.SBS Inkigayo.4 Minute – Traffic Safety of song.ts


All Cuts: http://www.mediafire.com/?zejkfq7d5mz8o16

360p (754MB) http://www.mediafire.com/?aabaa8ug67bawur | Baros
450p (860MB) http://www.mediafire.com/?e46527malham4dw | Hanrel
720p (1.48GB) http://www.mediafire.com/?kmk133j6l1hwnh6 | Hansun
1080i (9.28GB) http://www.mediafire.com/?9c9t4oyrmzi3o0a | hkswk

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