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[Single] 1sagain – Rewind Vol.2


원써겐(1sagain) – Rewind Vol.2
Release Date: 2012.04.06
Genre/Style: Ballad, Pop-Rap
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.1/5 (85 votes)
Uploaded by: bingyang

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01. 전화기만 바라보며 (Just Looking At The Phone) (feat. 주보라)
02. 너에게만 들려주고 싶은 고백 (A Confession Only For You To Hear)
03. 전화기만 바라보며 (inst.)
04. 너에게만 들려주고 싶은 고백 (Piano Ver.) (Inst.)
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