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[Single] F.Cuz – Dreaming I


포커즈(F.Cuz) – 꿈꾸는 I
Release Date: 2012.08.09
Genre/Style: Dance Pop
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 2.8/5 (332 votes)

Please comment if you download it ^^

01. 꿈꾸는 I
02. 꿈꾸는 I (inst.)

MF | 115

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  • Yoonbin

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    • bingyang

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        Thanks for the help though, bingyang. ^^ Oh and let us know when you update this with the instrumental too. 😀

        • bingyang

          it's uploaded ^^

          • Yoonbin

            You so awesome! Thank you <3

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