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[Single] Girl’s Day – Girl’s Day Party #5


걸스데이 – Girl’s Day Party #5
Release Date:2012.10.26
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (Mel0n):4.2/5(525 votes)

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01. 나를 잊지마요 (Don’t Forget Me)
02. 나를 잊지마요 (Inst)


  • Limit

    ty. sojin!!!

  • Cookie

    Thank you ^^

  • Matt

    Thank you very much, but the link is dead.. =/

  • sunnybro

    All of the link are down 🙁 i think it's time to stop using mediafire

    • mrkp0p

      I will upload in RS now, will try it for a time

      • Jon-D

        Bitshare or Putlocker that's good for me too.

        Sometime RS. download speed (for me) too
        sl0w but now is OK.

        Thanks for shared and uploaded

  • Dzo

    Oh MF has a new rule to stop split arhciving! sucks cuzt hey want to prevent larger files 🙁

  • Tokaio

    Thanks~! ^^

  • peekaboobaby

    thank you! great to see my girls' comeback

  • xinhui

    thank u:D

  • kayna

    Thank You <3

  • anon

    i would like to buy the album, a physical copy. where can i get a copy and support girl's day? i've search most online stores and doesn't have it

  • Johnata

    Hi! you could provide the links of singles from the Girls' Day again? most are unavailable and I'm dying to find.

    The only ones available are singles Girl's Day – Girl's Day Party # 5 and the Girls' Day – The S Part 2.

    Thanks for your Brazilian fans :3

  • Johnata

    Ah! one more thing when you write the name of the single complete description of mediafire is easier to identify them as illegal downloading, it would be nice if you describe the singles in other ways, not to have more work to put it all over again ^ ^