• lk

    i really like your site, and i don't want to see it go away. With this in mind, you should not openly write that you uploaded the songs yourself; a few sites have been shut down by wordpress due to copyright claims from record labels or from groups like SBS, KBS, etc. (If you want an example, visit, kpopdream.wordpress.com, which uploaded a ton of songs in the past year)

    write a disclaimer somewhere stating just the opposite, stating that you found links to songs, albums, etc. and that you are posting those links, just like with the torrents.

    • mardi09

      it's not my site, it's bingyang's site. i'll remove it~ sorry~

    • lk

      Also, almost everything is deleted from that website, including the mediafire uploads. This is a snapshot of that site in Google's cache:

      Linking the torrents or the location of songs found on the internet on your site constitutes journalism; however, uploading songs constitutes a form of plagiarism. Therefore, please don't "upload."