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Tiara – M!countdown 090827 [TP]


Tiara @ M!Countdown 090827
Tiara – Now + Lies + How come (ft. BEG) @  M!Countdown 090827
They change outfit for ‘Lies’ performance.
The news part which before the performance is so funny that I can’t help laughing =)

Lies : MF


Now : MF

How come: MF

  • Jihye

    I'm very glad to see it, thank you so much ^^
    I like yesterday's Mcountdown so much. Special T-ara's performance haha xD
    I'm waiting for more vids ^^

    I'm subber of one T-ara's international forum, and I made subtitle for T-ara's "Now" performance. I'll make for this "Lies" per, too, with your vids. ^^

    If you want to see it, plz go to http://z3.invisionfree.com/Tiara/index.php?act=SF

    Thank you again ^^

  • Vagabond

    I see you've made a free account 🙂 Great job with the upload.

  • Thanks for sharing these T-ara (aka Tiara) performances. I really enjoy their music and didn't have these M! Countdown cuts.