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120315 Mnet M!Countdown


Performer’s list: BIGBANG, 2AM, Miss A, Se7en, FT Island, Lyn, John Park, B1A4, TONY & SMASH, NU’EST, Nine Muses, EXID

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120315 Mnet M!Countdown EXID – Whoz That Girl.tp
120315 Mnet M!Countdown John Park – Falling.tp
120315 Mnet M!Countdown Miss A – Touch.tp
120315 Mnet M!Countdown Nine Muses – Ticket.tp
120315 Mnet M!Countdown Lyn – Bear Doll.tp
120315 Mnet M!Countdown Se7en – Somebody Else.tp
120315 Mnet M!Countdown FT Island – Severely.tp
120315 Mnet M!Countdown 2AM – I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me.tp
120315 Mnet M!Countdown Big Bang – Intro + BLUE.tp
120315 Mnet M!Countdown Big Bang – FANTASTIC BABY.tp
120315 Mnet M!Countdown Big Bang – BAD BOY.tp
120315 Mnet M!Countdown 2AM – You Were Mine.tp
120315 Mnet M!Countdown Big Bang – Aint No Fun.tp



120315 Mnet M!Countdown 720p-WITH.MP4


  • thank you for full show ^^
    waiting for cuts 🙂

  • Michael Cera

    Thank you so much! You're the best 🙂

  • thank you so much for sharing ^ ^

  • Thank you so much! Waiting for 2AM's cut.

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  • Thanks for the upload!

  • torrent cuts is out on torrentdown plz if you can uploaded i'm so thankful for you :$

    • CUTs is now availible

      • thank u so much <3 but MF file is empty :$

  • jeff

    There are no cut file torrents in the mediafire link.
    Pls check. Thanks.

    • Its should be working now 🙂

      • jeff

        Yeah! It's working now 🙂
        Thank u so much for sharing the files.

  • Michael Cera

    You are amazing. Thank you so much!

  • angelbuff

    Thank you! can you also upload NU'EST cut.^_^

  • jeff

    Hmm.. there are no seeders now 🙁
    Are there anyone who can help to seed these Cuts files?
    I am dling 2AM, FT Island, Miss A & Se7en parts.
    Thanks a lot.

  • jeff

    Are there any seeders who can help?
    I am stuck at the dling the files 🙁

  • Michael Cera

    This is weird…people are seeding but the download rates have been stuck at 0 for a while… 🙁 Help? 🙁

  • Bigbang, NU´EST I Love U 😀

  • jeff

    Hi mrkp0p!
    Are u able to help to seed these files (2AM, FT Island, Miss A & Se7en parts.
    I am stuck at dling these files.

    • I will help you seed those files 🙂

      • jeff

        Thank u so much for your help 🙂
        When u will help to seed those files?
        Cos i see no seeders now & i am using utorrent.

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        Hi mrkp0p!
        Still no seeders now …:( Please help me.

      • I am seeding those files

      • jeff

        Quite strange as i see no seeders. Do you think i should redownload the torrent files & redownload the files?

        • Im stuck too with my DL

      • jeff

        Yeah, me too. I am stuck with my dl. No seeders at all 🙁

        • Are you stuck with Miss A at 95.9%??

      • jeff

        Yes, same percentage 🙁
        Seems like no seeders.

      • jeff

        Who can help us?

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    Hmm.. Think i have to give up & delete the files 🙁
    My dl still stuck & there are no seeders.