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[Album] Mint Paper Project – Vol. 2 MEN, WOMEN… AND STORIES


Mint Paper Project – Vol. 2 남과 여… 그리고 이야기 (MEN, WOMEN… AND STORIES)
Release Date: 2009.03.16
Genre/Style: Indie, Rock
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.7/5 (337 votes)

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01. 바야흐로 사랑의 계절 (Now in Seasons of Love) – 이한철 (Lee Han Chul) + 박새별 (Park Sae Byul)
02. Hello – Serengeti + Yozoh
03. 소리벽 (Soundwall) – 이지형 (Lee Ji Hyung) + 오지은 (Oh Ji Eun)
04. 조금씩, 천천히, 너에게 (Bit by Bit, Slowly, To You) – No Reply + Taru
05. 너와 나의 프롤로그 (You and My Prologue) – naru + deb
06. Wgirl – apls + Yeon Jin (Of Linus’ Blanket)
07. 우주편지 (Space Letter) – Windy City + Whale (Of W&Whale)
08. O Sonho Dela – espionne + 임주연 (Lim Ju Yeon)
09. 프랑지파니 (Frangipani) (Um Homem E Uma Mulher) – TOY + Dawn Bishop
10. ABC – Peppertones + Arina (Of MOCCA)
11. 서성인다 (Pacing) – 장세용 (Jang Se Yong) + 김효수 (Kim Hyo Soo) (Of DOT)
12. 작은 새 (Little Bird) – My Aunt Mary + Soy (Of Raspberry Field)
13. 오래된 연인에게 하고픈 말 (Words I Want To Tell An Old Lover) – The Canvas + Hermin
14. 봄의 노래는 아프다 (Spring’s Song Hurts) – Tearliner + 양양 (Yang Yang)

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