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151004 SBS Inkigayo


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Performers: CNBLUE, iKON, Red Velvet, Ailee, GOT7, Lovelyz, December, Soyou X Kwon Jeong Yeol, MONSTA X, UP10TION, Seventeen, April, Roh Ji Hoon, Dia, Todo-old, 2EYES, 24K, etc.

MCs: Sungjae (BTOB), Kim Yoo Jung & Jackson (GOT7)

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CUTs (1080i/p)
151004 SBS Inkgayo.Lovelyz.Cut.1080i-Geob.ts.675.26M
151004 SBS Inkigayo.Lovelyz.Cut.1080i-[SAVER].ts.702.17M
151004 SBS Inkigayo.Lovelyz.Cut.1080i.ts.650.13M
151004 SBS Inkigayo.Lovelyz.Cut.1080i.ts.661.18M
151004 SBS Inkigayo.iKON.Cut.1080i-essence_idols.ts.1004.89M

151004 SBS Inkigayo CUTs

1위 발표 [No.1 Cut]
다이아 – 왠지 [DIA – Somehow]
러블리즈 – Ah-Choo [Lovelyz – Ah-Choo]
러블리즈 – Hug Me [Lovelyz – Hug Me]
러블리즈 – Hug Me+Ah-Choo [Lovelyz – Hug Me+Ah-choo]
레드벨벳 – Dumb Dumb [Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb]
소유x권정열 – 어깨 [SoyouxKwon Jeong Yeol – Lean On Me]
에이프릴 – 꿈사탕 [April – Dream Candy]
에일리 – 너나 잘해 [Ailee – Mind Your Own Business]
에일리 – 사람이 왜 그래 [Ailee – Why Are People Like This]
에일리 – 사람이 왜 그래+너나 잘해 [Ailee – Mind Your Own Business+Why Are People Like This]
짜리몽땅 – 밥은 먹었니 [jjarimongttang – Wonder About You]
투아이즈 – PIPPI [2EYES – PIPPI]

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Full Show
151004 SBS Inkigayo 720p.mp4 | WITH http://adf.ly/1PNDsv



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