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[Album] Orifeeling Vol 3.5 – Insert Coin


오리필링 (Orifeeling/Orifeel…ing) Vol 3.5 – Incert Coin
Release Date: 2009.07.08
Genre: Hip-hop
Bit rate: 192kbps
I remember Tina requested Vol.3 of them ^^ After listening, they really catch my attention. Most of the songs are good so I wanna share it here. I recorded this myself so the quality is not high at all 😛

01. I Like Music (By 새암, N Three)
02. 참소리 축음기 (By FLOW2S, Noname1, 천둥)
03. 두개의 일기 (By MK, 새암, 제이
04. 투지 (By 박혜진, 천둥, FLOW2S, Roy C., Kay Blow, Zisty, 새암, 랩교(Of 치즈가몽키), 달부, MK)
05. Incert Coin (By MK)
06. I Like Music (Inst.)
07. 참소리 축음기 (Inst.)
08. 두개의 일기 (Inst.)
09. 투지 (Inst.)
10. Incert Coin (Inst.)
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  1. AHH!!! Thank you so much! You just made my day! Today, I woke up extra early to watch "You're Beautiful" live on TVants but for some reason, they aired an hour earlier than usual, so I was so upset and disappointed. But after seeing this post, I'm happy again! ^_________^

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