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[Album] Mint Paper Project – Vol. 1 Story Of Dogs


Mint Paper Project – Vol. 1 강아지 이야기 (Story Of Dogs)
Release date: 2007.09.20
Genre: Modern Rock, Indie
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.7/5 (214 votes)

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01. 비겁한 애견생활 (Cowardly Dog Life) – 이승환 (Lee Seung Hwan)
02. 백구 (Whitey: a white dog) – 이지형 (Lee Ji Hyung)
03. Don’t Call It Puppy Love – Linus’ Blanket
04. Dingdong – 에레나 (Elena)
05. 오! 나의 주인님 (Oh! My Master) – 이한철 (Lee Han Chul)
06. 강아지의 꿈 (Dog’s Dream) – No Reply
07. 길 위 (Above the Road) – Lucid Fall
08. Fascinating – DJ지누 (DJ Jinu)
09. winkiss(wink is kiss) – 애플스 (apls)
10. HOTDOG! – Peppertones
11. 와다다 친구 (wadada friend) – Windy City
12. 기다림 (Waiting) – 더 캔버스 (The Canvas)
13. 별은 내 가슴에 (Star In My Heart) – 정지찬 (Jung Ji Chan)
14. 거북이 (Turtle) – 이석원 (Lee Suk Won)

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