• luyen

    omg i loved this perf!! it'd be awesome if you continued to upload 😀 thank you so mucchhhh!

  • mez_ly

    Thank you very much for this^^
    I've been waiting for someone to upload it.

  • risa_mae

    Thank you so much

  • Sage

    lol Park Myung Soo still messed up on this performance.
    lol but whatever, the song's great.
    ty for uploading

  • nhanha90

    thanks a loottt…
    i don't know my first comment has already you got or not…
    so i ask again now..
    sorry for disturbing you…
    why i can;t join the parts with hj-split??

  • what's the error message ?
    I've uploaded this one for a while and no one has the problem with joining.

  • I love this song. Thanks alot !!! :X 😡 :X