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KBS Music Bank 100917


KBS Music Bank (2010.09.17)

UPDATED FULL SHOW 450p 720p 1080i

Performers list: T.O.A, Moon Ji Eun, Sori (ft. NACO), ElectroBoyz (ft. Sistar Hyolyn). SunnySide (ft. Rumble Fish Choi Jin I), San-E (ft. Miss A Min), TRAX, VOS, JQT, Rumble Fish, Gavy NJ, Sistar, Narsha (ft. Sunny Hill), Eru, REI, Secret, FT. Island, Son Dambi, Wheesung, 2NE1

Please comment if you download one of these ^^

1080i CUTs :

100917.KBS Music Bank.2NE1 – Waiting room+Can’t nobody+Go Away+Encore.ts

100917.KBS Music Bank.Narsha – Mama mia.tp

100917.KBS Music Bank.Son Dam Bi – Db Rider.tp

100917.KBS Music Bank.Sistar – Shady Girl.tp

100917.KBS Music Bank.Secret – Madonna.tp

100917.KBS Music Bank.Sunny Side – Bad Guy good girl.tp

100917.KBS Music Bank.JQT.No need to know.tp

100917.KBS Music Bank.San E.Tasty Mountain.tp

100917.KBS Music Bank.V.O.S.Full story.tp

100917.KBS Music Bank.Sori – You’re not my style.tp

100917.KBS Music Bank.Trax – Oh!My Goddess.tp

100917.KBS Music Bank.Rumble Fish.기분좋은말.tp

100917.KBS Music Bank.Moon Ji Eun – Hibiye Hibiyo.tp

100917.KBS Music Bank.Gavy NJ – Let’s stop-kwon.tp

100917.KBS Music Bank.FT Island – Love x3-kwon.tp | MU

100917.KBS Music Bank.Wheesung – I’ve thought of marriage-kwon.tp


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1080i | Torrent file

  • MoMo

    thanks for 2NE1! and congrats girls!!!

  • soshi elf

    thx u for the full show ^^

  • pikachichi

    Thank u very much. Hope I can watch more.

  • elmiraaa

    thanks very much! i appreciate all the songs and vids you've posted and also discovered some groups worth listening to (Raspberry Field, Standing Egg. Taru) i've been lurking here for the past few months but rarely comment on stuff.. lol

    again, kamsahamnida! 😀

  • dahyeol

    thanks a lot!
    can you do the cut of the 2ne1 perf. in TS please?

    • kpopexplorer

      I made it ^^ forgot to put TS in the file name but it still works fine.

      • dahyeol

        where is the file? thanks a lot! *-*
        the ps3 can only play TS files xD

  • Puu

    Thank you so much for the TRAX cut!

  • kyoung

    thanks alot for sdb.

  • akao

    Thanks, I wanna see Gavy NJ and Secret…

  • sweetymoon

    Thank you so much!
    Can you give me the FT Island's cut???
    Waiting for yor reply…

    • kpopexplorer

      My bad ^^" forgot to put it in the MF folder. thank you
      check it. added 😀

  • poopouy

    thank a lot….