• Teddy310

    OMG~!!!!! Thank you so much! This song is just a killer, its so goooood and catchy! I love, love this song a lot!

  • noph88

    like this song

    thanks for share

  • mez_ly

    Thank you very much^^

  • SHUMAi

    thank you!

  • ichi9o

    thank you

  • Thank you very much for this! =) Awesome at 320kbps!

  • Huiloves

    thks for the song:D

  • Thanks…I'll gladly add this to my SNSD collection.

  • Qrizta

    Thx so much…^^

  • miwa_chan

    for some reason only starx3 is in the mf file? >_< where is echo?

  • samick

    i had the same problem as miwa_chan.

    echo was missing!

    • kpopexplorer

      error while uploading. re-upload it ^^"