• Gerald

    I never got the chance

    • Gerald

      I never got the chance to say thank you so thank you for uploading all these music. It gives me chance to listen to it before I actually buy the album. Also, when I used to watch music shows, you would always have torrent I'm looking for when I couldn't find it in Korean torrent sites.

      I've been visiting your site since last year so it's been a while. I really appreciate the hard work and effort you put into organizing and uploading these files. Thank you again!

      • Oscar

        I totally agree. Thank you so much for the hard you do. It's actually because of this site that I just got into the music shows. I never realized how fun they are to watch. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Linh

    Thank you very much . All music are up dated quickly ! LOVe u

  • Tranbao

    thank you <3 !!! that's so fast ^^

  • akiannyong

    Thanks ^___^

  • mony

    ThankThankThankThank you very much

  • kwan

    thank you!! ^^

  • Keira

    Thank you!

  • tiz8x

    Try b.a.p

  • Cookie

    Thank you~ 😀

  • azah

    thank you

  • Thank you very much