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Single: Lucky Girl
Artist: LPG
Release date: 2009.08.07
Genre: Dance Pop

I remember their full name is Long Pretty Girls. Why do they change to Lovely Pretty Girl? O.o
Say thanks if you download it. Please do not take out my link T^T

01. 눈물젖은 두만강
02. 찔레꽃
03. Riverside
04. 장동건 이효리 (Lee Dong Gun Lee Hyo Ri)

05. Lucky Girl
06. 바다의 공주
07. 제3한강교
08. 남행열차
09. 첫차
10. Riverside (MR)
11. Lucky Girl (MR)
( MediaFire )

  • XxchronoxX

    thank you in advance~

  • XxchronoxX

    thank you in advance~

  • Cloud_Honey

    Thank you very much, can't wait for the link. Their debut song was like "what the hell is that" but maybe the album may change my opinion bout them.

  • oh yeah they changed the groups name, i think the group was called long leg pretty girls.. haha 😛

  • Oh yes, I miss the 'leg' =)