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T-ara – Lies (Mcountdown 090806)


I think this is the best performances T-ara makes so far. Hyo Min & Eun Jung can rap so well, Bo Ram’s hair is cute. Outfit is not bad 😛 Actually, File is in .tp [480i] ^^ The first time I upload in .tp cause the Mcountdown’s size file is not big and in the small resolution [720×480]

I just want to know how many people download my perfs T^T
So please leave comment with you email. I’ll send link through. Thanks for your support.
Especially who has commented here.
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  • David

    Thanks for the upload

  • Sue

    hello bingyang~ I have not been here a while butt i love t-ara they are very cool and thesong is addictive! Please share this perf^_____________^

    [email protected]

  • haxi

    [email protected]

    me :"> haxi :">

    love this perf >"<

  • cherry.hongstars

    love by heart <3 😳

  • vanggirlie

    thank you so so much for ul a HD version of their (best) perf. it's hard to find HD version of their perf or of their perfs in general.

    newho, i'm so so proud of T-ara….proving all those people wrong. i knew they could do it.

  • ashley
  • lonewolf82


    Thanks for sharing this performance.

    I'm so excited for the girls and I think they are doing well so far.

    hopefully they can compete against the other girls groups. I believe with a little luck they actually can ^^.

  • Oh, I can't believe that I found a wordpress with T-ara HQ file 😀
    Cuz they're new group so I think it's hard to find great file 😀

    This's the best perf of them until now 🙂

    My email : [email protected]

  • speed116

    Oh!! I love T-ara
    Thanks for uploading

    [email protected]

  • seororo

    thank in advance . Appreciate your work <3

  • Vagabond

    You're great man, I was looking for the tp/ts versions of yesterday's performances but only got pay sites as sources. Thanks for sharing, I've bookmarked your site.

  • testdrive

    Thank a lot for sharing

  • cherry.hongstars

    love by heart <3 😳

  • wowjhil

    Thank you so much, much appreciated!

  • Sage

    Thank you VERY MUCH!!
    ur blog is awesome.
    ty again 😛

  • s34ra

    yippieee HQ file !!!! love this!!
    ow, thx very much for uploadin HQ perf..hehe..
    i love t-ara…^^

  • s34ra

    yippieee HQ file !!!! love this!!
    ow, thx very much for uploadin HQ perf..hehe..
    i love t-ara…^^

  • Thanks…apparently I'm now going to snag all your T-ara performances. ^_^

  • Thanks a lot!
    Luv Lies 🙂