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Tiara – I’m Your Girl (Mcountdown 090806)


Waiting for their next ‘Lies’ performance on Music Core. Spread the Tiara love as ‘Vagabond’ said 😀
Have undefine problem when uploading == I had to upload it again, so a bit late

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  • Oh , I love Eun Jung . Her beauty , her rapping …. Cute 😡

  • Sue

    your very good with update all these HD vidx! tyvm ^________^

  • wowjhil

    Thanks you so much for sharing, will this be upped later? Anyway, also looking forward to their next perf. And I wish they would sing more covers as well ^^

  • vanggirlie

    hope you will share the HD version of this…^_^.

    i think this perf wasn't super great but it did show that these three (especially HyoMin and SoYeon) have great voices. i think they just need more experience performing live and then they will be superb. oh and all three look cute and gorgeous in this perf.

  • Sage

    yay T-ara
    i didn't really like the way how people bashed on them for lip synching on their debut stage and people thought they couldn't sing,
    its nice to see the girls proving people wrong.
    anyways ty for uploading 😀

  • oh yes, i really sad in the way they had said to them. But I'm happy now they can sing very well over than I expert 😀

  • s34ra

    ah nice perf !!! really like this…<3
    thx a lot…^^

  • Vagabond

    o, good job, Countdown collection complete. Thanks.

  • s34ra

    ah nice perf !!! really like this…<3
    thx a lot…^^

  • baybieh_gerl

    thanks for sharing this..
    can't wait to watch it

  • Thanks for posting this performance…I'm looking forward to watching it. ^_^