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[Single] YDG – YDG Series Vol.1 JAJAJA


양동근 – YDG Series Vol.1 JAJAJA
Release Date: 2014.02.25
Genre/Style: Rap / Hip-Hop
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Rating(MelOn): 4.6/5(1,980 votes)

Please comment or click ‘thanks’ if you download ^^

01 JAJAJA (Feat. Dynamic Duo, Crush)
02 JAJAJA (Inst.)

MF | Mirrorcreator | Mega


  1. excause me.. i dont know download mothod..
    i clicked mf, mirrorcreator, mega.. but, dont download.
    and im already click ‘thanks’.. why dont download??
    can you teaching me the download mothod?

    • You choose either you want to download with MF, mirrorcreator or mega, you click on the link. Then you wait 5 seconds and click on skip ads then you will come the download site. And on the download site it has a “DOWNLOAD” button press it. I would recommend MF or Mega since it is the easiet way since you are new 🙂 I hope this is usefull to you


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